Podcast: Edward Seckerson Meets... Zachary James

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Currently playing the eponymous God of the Underworld in Hadestown, the American actor and singer speaks to Edward Seckerson about straddling the world of opera and Musical Theatre

For this Musicals Magazine Podcast, Edward Seckerson meets Zachary James, who’s currently hotting up the Underworld on the other side of that wall in Hadestown. James, who originated the role of Lurch in the Andrew Lippa musicalisation of The Addams Family, is perhaps best known to date – indeed immortalised – as The Scribe/Amenhotep III in Philip Glass’s Akhnaten in the jaw-dropping Phelim McDermott, Olivier Award-winning staging at English National Opera in 2016. His work has straddled the opera and Musical Theatre worlds in intriguing ways and as an actor-singer his work is nothing if not diverse. Plus his 6’6” frame makes him hard to miss.  

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For tickets to Hadestown at the Lyric Theatre, currently booking until 22 December 2024,  visit: uk.hadestown.com

For tickets to his Crazy Coqs performance on 15 July, visit: brasseriezedel.com

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The excerpts of ‘Why We Build the Wall’ and ‘Hey, Little Songbird’ are taken from the Broadway Cast Recording of Hadestown; the opening and closing musical excerpts featured in this podcast are from the Overture to Gypsy (film version), taken from Jule Styne’s ‘Overtures Vol 2’, courtesy of JAY Records.